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Welcome to Biodent Care Services

Biodent Care Services; was established in 2018. The main purpose of the organization is to provide one stop solution for dental equipments and dental materials. It is associated with world renowned brands that represent trustworthiness in the field of dentistry. To name a few associations the brands includes, Biotem implants, Traus, Yayida and others Furthermore, Biodent care services also provide dental equipments and materials to colleges, Universities and Dental Clinics. However, it is the leading company which have brought new Korean brands in market, thus the association with Korea will be beneficial for the market of Pakistan.

The organization is headquartered in Lahore, and has its regional sales office in Karachi. Within a short period of time the organization has become one of the leading dental equipment distribution companies in Pakistan comprising of sub dealers throughout Pakistan, coming up with a vision of providing solution to all dental needs. However, the organization is also working to spread its services gradually across Pakistan as well.
We have variety of Dental materials which includes Instruments, Dental units, Hand pieces, Acrylics, Dental Alloys, Filling Materials, Amalgams, Scaling Equipments, and Denture Fixtures etc.

We are committed to provide the dental field of Pakistan with the best of equipments.


The market of dentistry is quite vast in Pakistan. There are numerous suppliers in the market that are catering the needs of dental equipments. However, the main issue occurs when there is conflict between the availability and the quantity of the products. Biodent care service’s main objective is to establish a centralized point with the ease of selection along with compatible prices. It has come up with a system which will give convenience to the dentists, as they will be able to study the equipment easily while selecting it.

The main objective of the organization is to provide ultimate solution to all the dental needs throughout the country. According to the CEO, “Pakistan is great potential in the field of dentistry and there are a lot of areas that are untouched therefore, a lot of work can be done in this field”. However, proper knowledge is required in order to work in this field. Nonetheless, we will be setting up educational seminars in universities and colleges in which they will be educating the upcoming dentists with the proper usage of equipments.


What happens in one country, has its implications over the entire world. Since, globalization is going at a very fast speed, Biodent care services wants to bridge the gap and expand the dental market of Pakistan. Over the years, the dental market of Pakistan is untapped and the idea of the organization is to come up with all the equipments under one roof. With innovation and improved technology, we are here to provide convenience in the dental market of Pakistan. Integrity and customers service is the main characteristic which makes our organization different from others. The challenging nature and commitment to growth is another characteristic which makes us distinct.


Biodent care services believe in Honesty and building long term relation. The organization is determinant to take the future of dentistry on a very serious note, which is the reason of association with a lot of Dental clinic and universities. The purpose is to provide convenience to customers by giving them optimum solution by providing them the quality products. According to the organization, it’s not about selling the products; it’s about selling the quality products and buildinglong term relation. Integrity and consideration are the assets which makes the base of collaboration with medical institutions and dental clinics.





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